The Nia Technique ...there is nothing else like it out there. Look-alikes but NOT Nia. Nia becomes your personal ladder for growth and success in so many aspects of your life.

During class your body moves the way YOUR body is intended to move. There is no right or wrong way ...it's YOUR way, through the way of Nia. Your mind has the opportunity to clear as you fill it with new cues, both physical and visionary. You are moving on the dance floor as you follow the direction of your instructor, as you continue to seek ease and simplicity of movements, and begin to energize your movements. Class settings are private to allow participants freedom of expression and individuality, while sharing energy on the dance floor.

The realization that the power is within you to make the changes YOU want to make in YOUR lifestyle. It comes from nowhere other than SELF. You want to feel the difference, as you begin to experience the difference, and to feel the difference. NOTHING is more empowering than recognizing changes taking place, for the better, within YOU.

Simple things can hold us back from becoming empowered. How do you feel about yourself? Accepting and loving yourself at this very moment, just the way you are, because you are a gift to this world. Then taking it a step further for the new and improved version of YOU! You hold the key to make the change that you seek.

So, check out that schedule and join us on the dance floor, ASAP! Stay tuned as we plan to add FAMILY Nia and Family ZUMBA to the schedule. See you soon, Patti.

July - August - September 2023

We have all heard the saying, "USE IT OR LOSE IT!"

The Nia Technique was created over 40 years ago... for YOU! there is nothing out there that compares to the benefits of moving into a Nia lifestyle, combining dance, healing arts and the mental and physical benefits of the martial arts, into a series of steps and stances, set to music, for an hour of delicious, delightful, and entertaining moves, set to YOUR body's rhythm, and the way that YOUR body moves. Yes, with the direction of the instructor, but your moves are guided by your ability to move, and to allow a sense of joy to move through your body, instead of forceful, uncomfortable, repetition. SIMPLICITY of movements is key in allowing joy to reclaim its spot within YOU!

It doesn't matter why you are searching,, be it physician recommended, moving along life's path, aches and pains, post-op, pre-op, life's limiting conditions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, pulmonary or cardiac maintenance, problems sleeping, the weight dilemma, and so on, but it DOES matter that you stop, take a look, and give Nia a try.

Initially, I would try to list all the benefits of Nia, but I have found that the benefits of a Nia lifestyle (which means coming to classes and applying what you learn about your body into your daily life) comes from YOU, the participants of this program. In close to 25 years, I have seen many amazing things happen from continued participation, lessening of aches and pains, improved sleep patterns, energizing, sense of positivity, empowering, and so much more. People are eager to share the differences they feel with continued participation.

Join us and find out for yourself! there is NO COMPETITION on the dance floor. Every participant is concentrating on his/her own reason for being there. And every consideration is given to complete privacy during sessions. Just in case you "inner child" wants to surface and join in the fun! Step onto the Nia dance floor and join in with a dynamic and skillfully-created program, and have some fun as we continue to learn about what we feel and sense as we move. It is adding a supportive source that brings a sense of belonging and sharing. I AM HERE FOR YOU! Patti