Class Schedule updated 3/19/23
Mondays..........9 am
Tuesdays........10 am
Wed....................9 am and 5:30 pm
Thursdays.....10 am

WELCOME to the NEW Nia website taking over from the old facebook page.
Nia, originally Neuromuscular Impact Aerobics was created forty years ago, as of 2023. The founders related to it as Nia - Non-Impact Aerobics. Nia is a mixture of the dance arts, healing arts and the martial arts, rolled into a series of steps and stances and set to music enabling the participants to move on the dance floor for one hour. HOWEVER, the success of Nia is adapting the 52 steps and stances, dance moves, to how YOUR body moves. It is non-competitive. It wipes out all the old tapes encouraging the participants to "feel the burn." Instead, you are coming home to your body, learning about what movements feel good, and are natural to the way you are structured to move. No two people move in the same way. The music is a blend of World, new and old age, with just about every beat possible, By following the instructor, who cues all moves, leading everyone into a sense of meditative movement, a three-fold experience of body - mind - spirit healing through these movements.
Nia is a delightfully different, well-structured program that totally engages the participant, and absorbs him/her into the movements and cues, as you continue to move on the dance floor, absorbed in the music, rhythms and lyrics.
I have been teaching Nia for over twenty years, and I have watched students experience amazing miracles in their recovery processes onthe dance floor. New students are encouraged to return again and again, and not think, simply allow your body to experience what Nia has to offer in your own way. Difficulty awakening in the morning? Mid-morning and afternoon slumps? Hungry when you shouldn't be? Feeling sluggish when you should be feeling energized? Not sleeping long enough or soundly at night? Feeling stiff? Difficulty concentrating? Too much stress? Caretaking? Running on empty? In need of a mini vacation on the job? And that's just to name a few of the symptoms people have. We see it every day in ourselves, and in our clients. Nia entices, tempts you with moves that feel good to the body, clears your mind for the full hour of workout and lures you in with the sounds and the beats of music from around the world.
As the instructor, I have danced since I was three with New York City Ballet - children's division and received my dance certification from the England School of Dance. Once in high school, I switched over to modern dance, and began teaching 4–6-year-old dance classes.
If you have experienced Nia before, I am sure your body has sighed in joy of the memory. For those who have yet to experience this program, Nia classes are across the United States, and around the world. Do yourself a favor, find a class and experience the joy Nia has to offer.
Having a medical background in physical medicine/rehab, I hold specialty classes for limited movement, chairbound, respiratory and cardio-pulmonary limitations, as well as spiritual classes for empowerment and support. While residing in Long Island, New York I hosted a dance fitness class on tv twice weekly in an attempt to reach those who were unable to get to a class. It is my greatest joy to bring this program to you, as it was brought to me by the creators of Nia at a time in my life when I had lost the joy of movement. The JOY OF MOVEMENT is something you do not realize you have lost until your body discovers the joy! It is an amazing program, a serious program for all ages. So many who exercise are really unfamiliar with their bodies, what feels good, what doesn't, or how to change a movement so that it is more pleasurable, and that means you are not creating unnecessary stresses to the joints and soft tissue.
Please join us, you won't be disappointed, and YES, it is for YOUR body, too! You can go to the Nia Corporate website which is and look for classes near you. Believe me when I tell you that the creators of The Nia Technique are genius. Open heart and open mind... allow Nia to help you achieve it and maintain your joy! Then be sure to write me to share your class experience! Please text me at 631-384-7156 and I will get to you as soon as I check my phone. patti

      -Nia Sunrise Footsteps:  Tuesdays and Thursday at 8 am, beginning on Tuesday October 4th, 2022. A class designed for slowed movements, with a concentration on small, simple moves to increase flexibility, range of motion, and to build strength. Individuals with symptoms from fibromyalgia, arthritis, recovering injuries, post-operative, sedentary, chest/breathing symptoms, find relief through this program.
Nia is for ANY BODY, but there are times when slower movement and less intensity is necessary to encourage confidence and optimum performance.
Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Become aware of how you move and why. We all need to keep moving, but in your own body's way. Stretching, flexing and reaching out relieve discomfort, increase circulation, and facilitate ease of movements. Strengthening of the body prevents/minimizes natural muscle loss. Concentrate on breath - bringing oxygen-rich supply to the organs is vital to good health.
Movement need not be painful, but so many choose to live in pai for fear of creating more pain. Bring back the joy in movement and JOIN US IN CLASS where we begin to concentrate on breathing and relaxing the body before the magic of movement begins. Interested and living in care center, access to community center on property for interested participants? We will arrange to come to you!

        - Stepping Into the Light With Nia:   This call begins on October 4th, held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am and on Wednesdays, beginning October 5th at 6:30 pm.
So, what's bugging you? The Universe has a way of providing for each one of us. Are we ready to accept it, is the question? We simply must allow ourselves to follow on the path that the Universe presents and allow ourselves to reap the benefit by dropping the doubts and just DO IT! There are no such things as coincidences.
Join this lifeline group and experience a bit of nirvana right here on earth while working through earthly problems, worries, stresses, addictions, abuses, family situations/illnesses... whatever!
Join us on the dance floor and move out of that mode while developing a sense of empowerment through a community of nonjudgmental sharing and caring, in a safe and private environment and a noncompetitive atmosphere. People from all walks of life who develop a strong bond and sense of support. Move on the dance floor in your body's way, to the healing and empowering rhythms and words, and begin to feel a sense of freedom evolve from your very being, as your light shines and your energies blend in unity on the dance floor. Allow your steps to feel as if you are floating, no pressure to any joints, simply pleasure. During this process allow the mind to empty, allowing positive, healthy, healing, strengthening and empowering thoughts to seep in, and movements soothe and caress the body and spirit.
Whatever your stage on life's path, there are challenges, and a stronger and healthier body, mind, and spirit prepares us to meet, deal with, and to overcome any obstacles along the way. Even a small bump in the road can be enough to throw us off course.
Please find your way to joining in with us on THIS dance floor and always remembering an old but well used group saying of "TAKING WHAT YOU NEED AND LEAVE THE REST." Please text me at 631-384-7156 and I will get back to you when I check the phone. Have a ladies' group, church group, support group? We can arrange to come to you and would be thrilled to do so. Just let me know!!! Patti

                                                                          ZUMBA TONING CLASS IS HERE!
Bring your daughter, cousin, mother, sister, friend, brother, uncle, aunt and share the fun!
$5.00 a class.
Every Wednesday beginning October 5th at 5:30 pm at SPARK OF DIVINE
Zumba shake weights provided, so grab a set and hit the dance floor for a dynamic and fun and fast-paced hour of movement.
Great for dance enthusiasts, and yes, ZUMBA clients who want to add a bit of a challenge to the workout. You will see quick results with toning.
As with all ZUMBA dancing, sneakers are required!
Nia Family will also be available for all-member participation. I conducted Family Nia in San Diego and it was a most enjoyable and highly successful class. TEXT ME! and I will return your text as soon as I can check my phone. Patti

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